Stripping the Old Girl down

Completely stripping a 50 year-old car of all her parts and panels can have its challenges and it’s odd how some fasteners that you expect to prove difficult can give way quite easily whilst others can be a bit of a nightmare.  On the whole, however, the Herald has so far chosen to give up most of its parts gracefully, though I have had to grind or drill my way through a few nuts and bolts that decided that they weren’t about to give up without a fight.  

As far as rust is concerned there have been no great surprises as yet.  As predicted the rear quarter valances went straight in the scrap bin, though I was quite pleased that they came unbolted relatively easily.  Unfortunately the left-hand side of the boot floor behind the petrol tank resembles ‘brown lace’ and will have to be replaced, and the sills and front valance were too far gone to save. 

N/S boot floor 'edge' showing definite signs of the Rust Worm
N/S boot floor ‘edge’ showing definite signs of the Rust Worm

The latest unwanted find was a couple of holes in the driver’s footwell and where the scuttle meets the rear tub, which will also need the ministrations of the MIG welder; hopefully that will be the last of the rust discoveries –  at least until such time as we take the body off the chassis.

Sun visors - before and after cleaning
It’s amazing what a little bit of ‘Jif’ and elbow grease will do

I quite enjoy the process of cleaning and refurbishing parts as they’re removed from the car; at least that way I know that they’ll be in good order when it comes to refitting them to the car once the bodywork has been sorted.  The problem at this time of year is that the weather isn’t particularly condusive to working in an unheated and over-crowded garage – still we addicts must suffer for our enthusiasms!

Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders 'before and after' cleaning
Brake and Clutch Master Cylinders ‘before and after’

As I go I’m putting together a growing list of all the parts that will have to be sourced, whether new or secondhand.  As the 1200 (1147cc) engine is well and truly seized I’ve decided to find a 1296cc engine from a Spitfire or Herald 13/60 to replace it; I bid for one on FleaBay a couple of days ago and only missed it by £2 – very frustrating, but no doubt I’ll find something eventually.