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The Body Donor

Whilst most of the Herald’s major body components, such as the ‘tub’, bulkhead and doors, were/are in reasonable condition and, subject to a reasonable amount of rust-stripping and welding, can be refurbished and used in the re-build, I quickly came to the conclusion that the bonnet would take more work than I was prepared to carry out.  In addition I have personally always thought that the front of the Herald 13/60 is more attractive than that of the 1200 – so I decided to go looking for a 13/60 bonnet in good condition.  By chance I didn’t have to go far and managed to find one locally – the only slight drawback was that I had to buy the whole car! 

So here it is – a 1970 convertible that’s sat in a local garage for the past 15 years and is in fairly dreadful condition – with the exception that the bonnet was rebuilt shortly before the car was taken off the road.  Whilst the bonnet itself is in pretty good condition with just a little surface rust, the chassis, tub, doors and most other panels are sadly very badly rusted and fit only for spares or scrap. 

I intend to use the engine which is 1296cc, although it isn’t  from a 13/60  having come originally from a 1974 Toledo or Dolomite.  I understand from the seller that it was ‘sick’ before the car was taken off the road so will need rebuilding before it goes into the Herald; that said it does turn over which is a step in the right direction!   The gearbox and some other parts will be sold to help fund the project and a few bits and pieces, such as the 13/60 dashboard, will find their way into the rebuild.