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Restoration 2

Its taken far longer than I originally intended, but at last I’m nearing the end of the body restoration and with any luck there’s a realistic chance that I should be able to get the body in for painting early in the new year.  Several months ago I decided that some of the major jobs, including fitting a number of new panels, were beyond my basic welding skills, so I bit the bullet and brought in a professional for a couple of days work.  Whilst he did a decent job and was undoubtedly much faster than I could hope to be, I’m afraid that he broke the golden rule of ‘measure three times and cut once’ so unfortunately one or two sections of his work look a bit like a patchwork quilt! 

Herald scuttle being welded by 'Miggy'Scuttle being welded by 'Miggy'Floorpan looking a bit like a patchwork quilt
Practice generally makes perfect, and those bits of minor welding that I’ve undertaken myself have gradually started to improve and there are one or two areas that I’m actually quite proud of.  The main thing is that even those sections that look like a ‘dog’s breakfast’ are strong and will stand the test of time once the car is back on the road.
Herald underside just about finished