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After weighing up all the options I decided to use the Polite Bodyshop in Gloucester to do the final bodywork preparation and spraying. I used them about four years ago for my GT6, which I was very pleased with, and I’ve had a fair amount of contact with Jan, the owner, over the past couple of years. Whilst their hourly rate is probably the lowest in the area Jan’s standards are high and I can trust them to do a good job without cutting any corners. As an additional incentive Jan has agreed that I can help with some of the preparation, so that will hopefully reduce the overall cost.

As expected, getting the major body components mounted back on the chassis (albeit temporarily for the move from home to the body shop) was a mare of a job. The chassis and body both having had some major welding, plus the fact that the bonnet (which itself had undergone major repairs in the past) came from a different model meant that virtually nothing lined up quite as it should. One of my bête noirs is the enormous panel gaps you see on some Heralds and Vitesses, so I expect that getting things to line up properly once the body has been painted will be a ‘challenge’.

I’ve decided to have the car painted in Royal Blue which is an original contemporary Triumph colour and just happens to be the colour of the Herald convertible I owned some 49 years ago! The upper surfaces of the car will be painted in 2K whilst the underside of the body and under the bonnet will first be painted in a coloured epoxy primer, which should give a tough and long-lasting finish.