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Don’t Forget the Paperwork!

I purchased the car from a gentleman in Hereford who had originally planned to do the restoration himself but I suspect took fright when he realised the scale of what he was about to take on.  I gather that he bought it a few weeks previously having been approached at a local car show – it seems that the long term owner had passed away leaving his beneficiaries to dispose of the Herald which had been sat in a garage for a number of years.  

As there was no V5 with the car I duly sent the appropriate form (V62) and a cheque for £25 off to DVLA expecting to receive a new V5 by return of post.  No such luck.  Instead I received a letter informing me that DVLA have no record of the car – which indicates that its probably been unregistered since DVLA computerised its records in 1983 (34 years!) and unfortunately makes the process of obtaining a V5 a little more complicated and long-winded.

In order for DVLA to let me retain the original registration number it will be necessary to convince them that it is indeed a Triumph Herald and that it was built at the time indicated by its date-related  registration number – ie. in the first half of 1967.  To achieve this I’ve ordered a Heritage Certificate  from The British Motor Museum (£42 + postage) and arranged for the car to be inspected  by Jane Rowley.  As an official of the Triumph Sports Six Club (TSSC) Jane is authorised to complete another form (V765) certifying that the Herald is genuinely a 1967 car and I’m not trying to pull a ‘fast one’ in order to avoid paying Road Tax or being subject to MoT testing.

On a more positive note, after a few minues spent on Google I discovered that all ‘?EU’ registrations (nothing to do with Brexit)were originally issued by Brecon Local Authority and it was a short step from there to learn that the original ‘Allocation Books’, which list when registrations were issued and to whom, are now held by Powys County Council.  An online application and payment of a £15 fee later and I was the pround possessor of a certified copy of the original entry proving that DEU87E was isssued in respect of a 1147cc Herald on 4th April 1967.  Hopefully that will strengthen my case to retain the original registration.

Extract of the Brecon Local Authority ‘Allocation Book for 4th April 1967, showing that DEU67E was issued to our Triumph Herald Converrtible