1975 Triumph Stag Mk2

Our Triumph Stag first saw the light of day (or the end of the production line) on 5th June 1975 and was promptly despatched to join the BLMC fleet as a manager’s car, a role in which it remained until May 1981.  It was then sold off and went through two other owners until I bought it at auction in May 2015.  Unfortunately it came with absolutely no history, the previous owner having died shortly after having carried out what appears to have been a pretty complete rebuild/restoration. 

The car is still in its original colour of New White and remains pretty standard, including the original Triumph 3 litre V8 engine and manual overdrive gearbox.   Work done on the car whilst in our brief ownership has included replacing the steering rack, fuel tank and fuel pump and a certain amount of ‘tidying up’ of the trim and bodywork.