Our Cars

Having started driving in the late 60’s I sort of grew up with what are now regarded as classic cars.  The first car I owned was a Hillman Imp but then I ‘saw the light’ and progressed to a 1964 Triumph Herald 1200 Convertible followed by a MK2 (I think) Spitfire.   Life, career and marriage then intervened for a few years before, in a moment of nostalgic madness, we invested £400 in a rather ropey 1967 MK2 MGB Roadster which we owned, rebuilt and loved for the next 27 years.

The return to classic car ownership a few years ago was prompted by a trip to New Zealand where we somehow accidentally managed to visit a few car museums and got seduced by the idea of a motoring trip down memory lane.  One 1929 Austin (since sold) and three four Triumphs later, here we are with no space in the garage or on the drive and what’s turning out to be a full-time hobby – or perhaps obsession would be a better word.   Still, there are worse ways of passing the days!

Triumph Stag JWK971N