Triumph Clubs

Triumphs are popular and affordable classics and unsurprisingly there’s a wealth of  enthusiast-led clubs, local, national and international, catering to the needs of owners and those who just love these great cars.  Some clubs are more specialised than others and focus on certain models, whilst others cater for a diverse range of members’ interests.  Whatever their nature, all the recognised Triumph clubs play an invaluable part in promoting interest in the marque, sustaining enthusiasm among their members and providing practical support to help us keep our Triumphs ‘on the road’.

The Standard-Triumph Forum is an umbrella organisation set up by the major Triumph clubs interested in preserving amd running any vehicle manufactured by the Standard and Triumph companies.  Their website contains links to all the UK constituent clubs but the following are the larger players :

The Triumph Sports Six Club – The Triumph Sports Six Club (TSSC) has traditionally catered for Herald and Spitfire based vehicles including the Herald, Spitfire, Vitesse, GT6, Bond Equipe and Specials based on the mother chassis or mechanicals. In 2002 the TSSC took on additional formal aims which included the promotion and preservation of Standard Triumph vehicles and their derivatives and hence opened its doors to owners and enthusiasts of all Standard Triumph cars. The TSSC aims to provide all Triumph enthusiasts with a membership service that meets any requirement asked of it by its Members.

The TR Register – Founded in 1970, The TR Register is one of the most successful one make car clubs in the world. The TR Register caters for t he needs of owners, past present and future of the entire range of Triumph TR sports cars from TR2 to TR8 and their associated derivatives Swallow Doretti, Peerless, Warwick, Italia and Grinnall.  The club has two full-time members of staff and 52 local groups representing the club across the UK and within 39 countries worldwide.

Club Triumph – Club Triumph has a history going back to 1954 and caters for all owners and enthusiasts of Triumph cars. The Club organises a full calendar of social, motoring and sporting events for its members.

The Stag Owners Club – The Stag Owners Club provides products, services and events to enhance the enjoyment and experience all Stag owners and enthusiasts get from their cars. Members enjoy a wide selection of Club benefits and activities.

The TR Drivers’ Club   –  The TR Drivers’ Club caters for all enthusiasts of the Triumph TR Sports car range, from TR2 to TR8. They have a large and active membership spread across the United Kingdom and beyond. It is run on a voluntary basis by true enthusiasts…who live, breathe and eat TRs!