Fortunately most post-war Standard Triumph cars are pretty well catered for on the ‘net’, with plenty of material about how to maintain and repair our cars available to download – if you have the time and patience to search it out.

For my own convenience I’ve pulled together a number of documents relating to the Triumphs that I own, along with some more general information that should be of use to anyone who, from time to time, needs to get a little oil under their fingernails or is just curious about how Triumph cars were put together and how best to keep them in good running order.

Most of these documents have been ‘lifted’ from other websites and are replicated here in the expectation that nobody will have any objections.  If, however, anyone should feel that their toes have been stepped on, feel free to contact me and we can discuss how best to put matters right.

Click on the Download menus to access the available material.