Welcome to Triumphs Information

Standard Triumph logo small 1There are masses of websites for owners of Standard Triumph cars out there on the ‘net, all run by knowledgeable and enthusiastic clubs or individuals from around the globe and all offering interesting and helpful information about Triumph cars.  Many have active and helpful forums, where owners and other enthusiasts can exchange information, and some have excellent libraries of reference material about the history of these iconic motor cars and how to maintain, repair and even improve our favourite marque.Triumph GT6 MK3 in Emerald Green

Arguably, the only thing different about this website is its scope and the fact that it’s being created from a particularly personal perspective – mine!  Having got to the point of owning three four Triumph ‘classics’ I decided that I would find it both helpful and interesting to pull together some of that wealth of information for my own use and, hopefully, for the benefit of anyone else who happens to stumble upon this site.  I make no claim that the information you’ll find here is original,  authoritative or even correct – it just happens to be of interest to me, and I hope that those who visit will treat it accordingly.
Triumph Stag JWK971N

The site continues to develop as I discover new material or I get to grips with a new project; the latest of which is a Herald convertible rescued from long-term internment in a rather damp Hereford garage.  This really is a ‘work in progress’ which I shall attempt to document as the months tick by.